Harmony Testimonials

'3 in 1 kinesiology defusions have transformed my life, the way I view myself and others and the way I see my future'

- Jane G, Glasgow UK

'...I felt very very well on my eating plan. I have lost enough weight to fit into my wedding dress and without feeling deprived. It means I can enjoy my wedding day and be more relaxed. Thank you'

- Sarah from Norfolk

'I have had 3 in 1 kinesiology sessions with Claire Tomlins for 10 years now and I can honestly say it has changed my life in so many ways. I have had food allergies detected and now no longer have IBS symptoms. I have been able to shift so much emotional rubbish I was carrying around for years. I forget how light I have become and unattached to problems which were at one point in my life so huge. I have now taught my children all about kinesiology and my son has benefited as I am training to become a kinesiologist myself. He regularly gets treatments for getting rid of spots, how to gain more confidence in football and in school.'

'3 in 1 kinesiology for me is the only alternative treatment worth  bothering about. It gets to the root of the problem and helps the client to help themselves. The body knows what it wants, it is just that we don't believe it and look to complicate matters by looking for complicated answers. We should trust our bodies and just by tapping gently into the body, 3 in 1 kinesiology can get the answers we need. A fantastic holistic therapy which no house should be without.'

Claire Jones

'I have had one 3 in 1 session and immediately after (approximately one week) I felt my finger joints easier to move and bend. Doing my housework doesn't give me aches in my hands anymore. The mucous in my throat is gone. Also the long-term throat discomfort I've suffered  is much better. My ankles don't swell anymore and when I'm walking my flexibility is noticeable.'

Jenny Greaves, Callander

Dear Claire, many thanks for the 3 in 1 kinesiology work. My depression has been lifting over the last 3 months since my last session with you. There is still some processing to be done, however I can see the way forward. Finally I can see a future. What a relief.

Mary Jane, Yorks

'My session with you was pivotal for me and my life. Thank you'

Andrea Sutherland
'Since my first session, my appetite has come back, my headaches have cleared up completely and I have so much more energy. I feel so much more vibrant.'

Susie, Aberdeen

The session did huge stuff for me. Since then I've been looking at the whole
of my life again and I'm more relaxed now.

I've been following the food recommendations and they really suit me. It
feels nice to be eating that way. I feel as if the session helped me to move
more towards what I want in my life.

Carys - Wales
'....80% back pain improvement'

Pat White - Glasgow

'...I'm strong, well, steady on my feet, everything we talked abut is coming into my life........I have full strength and full feeling back in my muscles and joints. I'm much steadier on my feet.

I feel my life is opening up for me. I'm really glad I got to you when I did. I'm really grateful'

Sandy from Banff

My sleeping is much better since having '3 in 1 Concepts'. I'm even sleeping better even if I go to bed a bit later. Whereas normally that would be a real set back. '3 in 1 concepts' was new to me but now I can't wait for my next session. Thanks Claire. 

Irene Rogers, Glasgow
My left hip, right knee and back are so much stronger now. The pain has gone too. Walking is easy and I'm not hesitant to do things now. '3 in 1' has really helped - and at the age of 74 that's saying something.

Francis, Dunblane
Dear Claire,

My appetite has returned. What a difference and what a relief, I almost feel back to normal. I am able to keep food down now. My dizziness on getting out of a chair has gone altogether, I'm very grateful for that

Daisy (74yrs) Dumfriesshire

I feel the best I have done for ages. I feel as if I have oomph! I feel lively and energetic. I'm an awful lot better and delighted to feel improved with my M.E.  Stronger physically when walking and emotionally stronger too. My confidence has come back. I've got enough energy to work a bit longer at the end of the day. My optimism for my long-term health has trebled. My back pain has vanished altogether My overall body twitches have halved - this is much more convenient to living a life!

May Scott Renfrewshire. 

"I wanted to say thank you for the session. I saw the wonder of the way you
work and it was wonderful for my mother and very supportive for her.

Regards, Mary McGonigle
Dear Jim Currie,

You are so generous in so many ways and do such good work.
3 in 1 Concepts is so wonderful. I'm so excited and feel so alive. Thank you
Jim for all your encouragement and support as it brought me to this point.
I'm very happy.

Melanie, Dundee
(Basic One Brain Course)

'After the course I could touch my toes, I haven't been able to do that for years! I really enjoyed the course.'

I actually enjoyed my flight which is unbelievable for me. I loved travelling on the boat and I've always been terrified before. I knew it had worked when our coach was driving by sheer drops and I was perfectly okay about it. I was able to enjoy myself much more than ever before. I didn't have the nagging fear at the back of my mind that something would go wrong to spoil our holiday. 

Lorraine C. Stirling.