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We all know the importance of natural light for our health and colour plays an important part in our physical and emotional well being.

For thousands of years colour and light has been used to enhance well being.

The healing practitioners in many ancient civilizations used colour and light and new the benefits in these natural methods.

Through the ages there have been many exponents who have investigated the effects of colour & light from Avicenna (the great Persian physician), Dr Niels Finsen who developed a treatment for smallpox using red light and who later was awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine in 1903 for his work in treating skin diseases (lupus vulgaris) with ultraviolet light.

Colour and light is recognised and used in conventional medical treatment such as:

  • Directing colour / light on to different parts of the body
  • Use of colour on acupuncture points
  • Using colour with chakras
  • Colour breathing Colour visualisation
  • Use of colour essences on the skin
  • Solarised essences
  • Coloured foods Advice on wearing certain colour
    To name but a few...

    The therapist may use specialist tools such as pulsed light and low level laser therapy (LLLT) if trained in these procedures.

    The therapist may give information on the beneficial effects of colour and light and give some homework if applicable.

    Please note although colour therapy can be very helpful in enhancing our health it is not intended to be an alternative to appropriate medical care it is designed to be a complement conventional medicine. We advise anyone with concerns with their health to consult their doctor.

    What happens in a Colour Therapy Session?

    The practitioner will generally ask you to complete a general health questionnaire and enquire as to the focus for the session.

    Gentle colour therapy treatment will be selected to uncover underlying stress conditions, create a calm and relaxing atmosphere and best assist the body’s natural healing ability.

    Colour therapy sessions are generally performed with the client fully clothed.

    How long does an appointment last?

    The length of sessions can vary from practitioner to practitioner, typically sessions can take anywhere between 40mins to 1 & ½ hours.

    One to one sessions are available, if you would like to book a private consultation please contact  Harmony College, Glasgow

    Prior to having a consultation it is helpful to complete this questionnaire

Colour Therapy Training

Colour Therapy Training

Courses are open to anyone who is interested in Colour Therapy and can be taken for personal or professional development.

Professional Colour Therapy Training

For those interested in a professional qualification, we offer professional training in Colour Therapy.

We offer 2 training options

ColourHarmonics Colour Therapist* (CHCT), this professional training is over 3 levels,

This requires:

  1. Attendance at each of the ‘Healing with Colour & Light’ levels 1, 2 & 3

  2. Attendance at the skills practice days

  3. Completion of case studies

  4. Completion of written assessment workbook

  5. Completion of practical assessment

After completion of the above the successful student can then be registered and can apply for professional membership and can be insured to work professionally.

See below for course content.

ColourHarmonics Advanced Colour Therapist* (CHACT)

This requires:

  1. Attendance at ‘Healing with Colour & Light Advanced Programmes

  2. Attendance at the skills practice days

  3. Completion of case studies

  4. Completion of advanced written assessment workbook

  5. Completion of advanced practical assessment

After completion of the above the successful student can then be registered as an Advanced Colour Therapist.

*Please note -  To practice to the fullest extent it will be necessary to purchase some colour and light tools.

Healing with Colour & Light - Level 1 

Course Content

  • The History of Colour & Light Therapy
  • Scientific Developments (applications of colour and light in conventional medicine)
  • Principles of Light & Colour
  • Colour Psychology
  • Effects of Colour & Light
  • Colour Energy Assessment
  • Use of Colour Essences
  • Colour Breathing
  • Using Colour to balance Chakra Energy
  • Using Colour Optics
  • Using Colour Worklight
  • Muscle Monitoring / Testing Skills

Healing with Colour & Light - Level 2 

Course Content

  • Light Colour Energy for Healing
  • Light Colour & Nutrition
  • Ultraviolet & Health
  • Infrared & Health
  • Healthy Exposure to Natural Light
  • Healthy Home Lighting
  • Colour Health Indications /Associations
  • Physiological Effects
  • Psychological Effects
  • Solarised Essences – Light Charged Essences
  • Coloured Acetates (Applications)
  • More Colour Therapy Tools & protocols

Healing with Colour & Light  - Level 3

Course Content

  • Light – RNA & DNA
  • Synaesthesia
  • Blind Sight
  • Peripheral Vision Test & Correction
  • Fixation Test & Correction
  • Bioluminescence
  • Energy Emanations
  • Working with Subtle Energies
  • Colours & Fear Patterns
  • Mandalas
  • Using New Light Technologies
  • Coloured Light Acupuncture
  • Colour Hand Massage
  • Colour Energy Consultation

Healing with Colour & Light - Level 4

Course Content

  • Colour Emotional Techniques (Colour Tapping)
  • Laser therapy