What is Three in One Concepts ?

Article by Jim Currie KFRP, MSTAT

‘Three in One Concepts ’ is a revolutionary holistic therapy, which has the potential to bring about amazing results.

What is ‘Three in One ’?

‘Three in One Concepts ’ is a holistic, bodywork therapy that works on all aspects of health – physical, nutritional, mental, emotional and spiritual. The goal is to help remove stressors that may be preventing the person enjoying optimum health. 

‘Three in One Concepts ’ works on the basis that in order to have total health; we must look at the whole person. Factors that affect the physical body will not only affect other parts of the body but will have an effect on the mind and emotions too. For example chronic back pain could lead to a person feeling depressed and by the same token excessive worry could contribute to the development of a stomach ulcer. Behavioural problems in children, such as hyperactivity and learning difficulties can be exacerbated by sensitivity to foods /food additives and a lack of essential nutrients in the diet. In a large number of cases, stress is a factor, with ‘Three in One Concepts ’ we seek to address the cause rather than the effects.

Often a person can exhibit a range of symptoms, so how do we establish the cause and know what procedure is required? 

A skilled ‘Three in One Concepts ’ facilitator uses muscle monitoring/testing techniques to tune in to body energy systems on a very fine level (the body’s natural bio-feedback system) to assess where stress may be causing imbalances in these energy systems. ‘Three in One Concepts ’ makes use of the body’s inherent intelligence to find the best correction to bring the person into a healthy balance.

Three in One Concepts ’ makes use of the Behavioural Barometer, which gives us wonderful understanding of the real issue at the heart of our problem or limitation. Through our awareness of the ‘Three in One ’ Structure Function systems we have insight into the behavioural genetic nature of the individual. We can allow the process to help us specifically select from a very wide range of corrections such as massage on neurolymphatic reflex points, holding neurovascular points, work with the meridian system, it may involve changes to diet or lifestyle, help with food or environmental sensitivities, balancing techniques with the use of crystals, flower essences, colour, etc, depending on what is indicated by the muscle monitoring process.

What can it help?

Three in One Concepts ’ has helped many people with a wide range of conditions such as: arthritis, asthma, backache and neck ache behavioural problems, candida, chronic fatigue syndrome (ME), depression, irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, hormonal problems, joint pain, learning difficulties, phobias, prostate, rheumatism, stress, skin disorders, weight problems

How did it develop?

Gordon Stokes and Daniel Whiteside (see biographies) developed ‘Three in One Concepts ’ over many years, drawing on an astounding range of personal development and health training experience by synthesising their research and amazing insight to produce a very powerful and dynamic system. 

Is it safe?

Three in One Concepts ’ is a very safe, health enhancing therapy from infants to the elderly. It does not diagnose or treat diseases in the conventional sense  - it allows the ‘bio-computer’ to reveal what it needs to restore balance and a sense of well-being. This can bring about a marked improvement in health.

As with any practitioner or therapist it is wise to ensure they are appropriately qualified, updated and registered with ‘Three in One Concepts www.3in1concepts.net and governing body such as the Kinesiology Federation of Great Britain (KF). 

What happens in a session?

Prior to a consultation an extensive questionnaire is required to be completed covering details regarding present state of health, occupation, lifestyle, diet, medical history and a list of conditions, complaint and problems past and present etc. This allows the therapist to be aware of any important health issues.

During a session the practitioner will explain the procedure of muscle testing and will place limbs in different positions and applying a light manual pressure test muscle response. Through this assessment the information gained can give insight into the cause of the problem, thereafter muscle testing techniques are used to identify the best remedy from many possible natural, non invasive gentle techniques available. The person may be required to perform reinforcement exercises at home and adopt changes to lifestyle or diet.

Sessions can last from 1 – 1 hours depending on the therapist.

Jim Currie  (KFRP) in Glasgow and is a leading exponent of ‘Three in One Concepts ’ who has trained globally with the world’s leading authorities. A  member of the Kinesiology  Federation of Great Britain (KF) and the British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA).

Jim Currie is
 also a teacher of the Alexander Technique and is a member of the official body of teachers (MSTAT).   Touch For Health Instructor of kinesiologists and Assessor for Scotland and North East England

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